Tunku Abdul Rahman

After all these years of trying to build a genuine multiracial and multi religious Malaysia, we are niw confronted with a new danger, Islamic fundamentalisme, Malaysia cannot practice Islam fully because about half of the population are not muslim. They have a different culture and ways of life and they dont want Islam

Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim

Of course I agree with Islamization policies of the goverment. A major reason for my joining UMNO anda the goverment was my belief that UMNO under Dr Mahathir is supportive of Islam. I’m trying my best to contribute to this Islamization process because I believe Islamization will do good for the country

Dr Tan Chee Khoon

Islam is not big problem in this country

Datuk Lee Kim Sai

In general, Islam is not a problem to non muslim in Malaysia. For a long time, we all have come to know its importance to the Malays. So, we respect the wishes of the Malays. However, Islam in the hands of extremist and fundamentalist must be controlled

Tuan Haji Yusuf Rawa

I dont think I need to add more than what we had already been common knowledge about our party’s view on Islam and the Islamic state