RT @shahrulghani: Try drinking a glass of raw water and then tell me how you feel. Stop this rubbish about raw water being plenty and look at the REAL issue.

RT @shahrulghani: Trust me, if you guys took over, you will be doing exactly what SYABAS have been planning to do for years to mitigate the issue.

RT @shahrulghani: If you are sincere about public care, why don’t you consider those ~41 letters of proposals sent by Syabas to mitigate the issue?

RT @shahrulghani: It looks as if these so-called statesmen are more worried about their political mileage rather than worry about the public’s well being.

RT @shahrulghani: More lies to confuse the public. I wonder what spin will these so-called statesmen tell us when they finally realize the issue is REAL?

RT @shahrulghani: There isn’t any conspiracy or plot to create any false sense of demand for treated water. We do not work that way because we are users too.

RT @bongkersz: RT @shahrulghani: @titbiz False and I know this because I get hourly updates on the WTP capacity and reservoir water level straight from the plants.

RT @bongkersz: RT @shahrulghani: @titbiz The production capacity have been running in the red for several weeks now. A gap of nearly 10% above normal capacity.

RT @bongkersz: @shahrulghani @1obefiend @titbiz typical WTP capacity? now serving how many = loading? the actual data… ask the bosses ehe.

RT @shahrulghani: @1Obefiend @titbiz @bongkersz I wish I could supply those data but as a normal employee, I am bound by rules and regulation. Any ideas?

RT @shahrulghani: @limmengkeong Yup but it isn’t that critical like now if two major mitigation plans proposed by Syabas was approve circa 2008 – 2010.

RT @shahrulghani: @limmengkeong Not right now since we have yet to get any green light from our regulator, SPAN. Will keep you posted.

RT @shahrulghani: @1Obefiend Nope. You don’t have to take my word. I am just concern about the truth and what I know. Not to gain trust. @titbiz @bongkersz

RT @shahrulghani: @bongkersz @1obefiend @titbiz Btw, I think the data was presented by one of the directors during last week’s press conference.

RT @shahrulghani: @maolenin It might be true before but the demand have been increasing for the past couple of years. Increase capacity to support demand.

RT @shahrulghani: RT @bongkersz: @CKGord @1obefiend @shahrulghani @titbiz that is why if we have figures to see we can do our own checking and help to correct perception

RT @shahrulghani: @aafaizli Syabas CEO is Ruslan Hassan. The Executive Chairman is Rozali.

RT @shahrulghani: Before commenting further, get your facts straight – the CEO and Executive Chairman (EC) is two different person.

RT @shahrulghani: For the love of God, raw water isn’t the problem. It’s plenty. The main issue is treated and clean water. It has been right from the start.